AFAG Paris & Outremer | Assignments
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Accompanying Accounting, Tax & Social

We bring you our skills to assist you in the records of the operations and the presentation of the accounts and answer your fiscal and social obligations.

  • Holding, monitoring and accounting
  • Revision and certification of accounts
  • Audit on the capital contributions, on the merger and on the transformation
  • Establishment of the tax returns
  • Payroll management and social reporting
  • Tax and social advice
  • Evaluation and acquisition audit
  • Dashboard, forecasting and reporting

Legal support

We offer our expertise to ensure reliable and effective support on all legal aspects of the company.

  • Writing and formalities
  • Assistance to company modifications until dissolution
  • Legal secretariat
  • Legal assistance and advice


Support in management and consulting

We provide comprehensive guidance to ensure effective strategies and adapted and innovating solutions.

  • Organization and internal audit 
  • Financial services
  • Heritage
  • Business Difficulties

Tailor-made support

We are committed to accompany you through all the types of situations you encounter.

  • Business evaluation
  • Information system
  • Independent Infrastructure
  • Study and implementation of procedures


Every business is unique. Let’s see what AFAG can do for you.