AFAG Paris & Outremer | Cabinet d'expertise comptable Paris
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Quality, performance and skill

  • AFAG your partner, puts the acquired experience from the national and international customers, into the service of your company.


  • Our skill field expands on several business : industries, services, real estate, technologies, medical and associative activities, on the companies of any sizes, since their start-up, by accompanying them in their grow-up.


  • Our partners : bankers, lawyers and the administrations.


  • Our office is the interface between the customer and the professionals making a part of the network.
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compassHuman size structure, satisfying our customers is our major concern. Whatever are your issue or your needs, we will give you in the briefest time the best solution, meeting all your expectations and requirements.


You should know that a partner (chartered accountant or auditor) will take care of your file/issue.


About respecting the confidentiality of the data, you provide us, we do our functions in compliance with the rules of ethics of our profession and we are subjected to strict rules to guarantee our works and its quality through the supervision of the Chartered Accountant French Council and the National Company of the Auditors.

A stable and multidisciplinary partners

With its expertise and beyond the work, at the heart of our businesses, AFAG provides logistical and technical support for the missions, such as: Auditors in the contributions, in the mergers, and in the transformations.

Our office offers interventions :


> High added value advice


> Mergers and acquisitions audit


> Evaluation


> Implementation of internal procedures 

And have the assistance, if necessary, by professionals specialised in the fields of law, taxation, finance, wealth management, human resources and information technology.

AFAG brings a dedicated and pro-active support

to foreign SMEs subsidiary of a group or independent structure in France,

offers a variety of services – full back office and full service :

accounting, taxation, management, payroll, legal services,…

in order to meet all needs in accordance with the French regulations.

 Foreign Desk : Accounting and Tax services, Audit.

An international network

Qualified to meet the expectations and problems

of the foreign groups settled in France,

AFAG works in collaboration with partners such as

international law firms specializing in services for SMEs

and international banks established in France.

Our clients in international groups are in the hospitality industry

high-end catering, heavy metal industries, advanced industrial

manufacturing, new technologies, pharmaceutical and medical activities.

Our business lines

The expertise of our office is to assist you in the main steps of your business, in particular, by ensuring the regularity operations and the respect of equity between shareholders.

  • Capital increase operations.
  • Restructuring.
  • Or in a merger context.


  • Support for the settlement in Europe.
  • Business valuation.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

A stable and multidisciplinary partners






Every business is unique. Let’s see what AFAG can do for you.